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I am working on a children's book. Please translate in chinese, "We didn't get the teeth (false teeth).

The characters are saying to their mom, %26quot;We didn%26#039;t get the false teeth.%26quot; I need a translation in Chinese for that.

I am working on a children%26#039;s book. Please translate in chinese, %26quot;We didn%26#039;t get the teeth (false teeth).
Try asking in Yahoo Books and Authors for Taiwan.


They%26#039;re, Their, There - Three Different Words.

Careful or you may wind up in my next novel.

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Reply:We didn%26#039;t get the teeth

Reply:You might want to let us know which Chinese by the way (if you%26#039;re going to phoneticize it)--there%26#039;s Mandarin and Cantonese and a host of other dialects as well.

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Is it true that if you go toothless a long time you won't be able to wear false teeth?

When I was in 8th grade I only had 11 teeth left and they wern%26#039;t that great so my mom and me decided to just get them all pulled out. They needed work and it was gonna cost alot,and it was easier to just have them pulled. I%26#039;m 16 now and still don%26#039;t have teeth. How long can I go toothless before I probly won%26#039;t be able to wear false teeth if I decide to get a set someday?

Is it true that if you go toothless a long time you won%26#039;t be able to wear false teeth?
Wow! What an interesting situation. You will be able to wear dentures after a long period of time but they will be more difficult to fit because you are wearing out the bone in your jaw. It will get more and more flattened as the time goes by. You should contact a local dental school and see if they can help you out with low cost or no cost dentistry. Sometimes the students will do it for free if they need to do that procedure for graduation
Reply:I don%26#039;t know if it%26#039;s true or not. I haven%26#039;t had any teeth since I was in high school myself (going on 20 years), but then I haven%26#039;t tried to wear false teeth lately either. The set I have haven%26#039;t fit for years and I don%26#039;t even know where they are any more. Interesting tho.
Reply:Your bone starts to receed after so long. If you have no teeth then the bone pretty much just doesn%26#039;t have anything to hold on to so their purpose is gone. I%26#039;m sure after a couple years it would be hard to wear dentures but you should at least try..their is nothing less attractive then a person with no teeth. And the dentist can fit the dentures to fit your gums to make them work. Talk to you dentist and see what he/she can do for you.
Reply:I%26#039;m not sure on that. The best thing is to ask a dentist, seeing as you did have them pulled, maybe you can as the dentist that pulled them, or call a dental school and ask one of the teachers.
Reply:As long as you have some of your permenate teeth in your mouth they hold your gum structure in place so that your gums do not shrink, you can get false teeth whenever you want too. My sister had one tooth in the front and that saved her gums from shrinking and she got false teeth on her parcial now she has teeth.
Reply:you will be able to wear them your gag reflex%26#039;s just don%26#039;t approve . i %26#039;m telling you the main thing your false chompers are good for is self-approval anyway


I am tring to find help, assistant with dentist work for my mother parcel (false teeth) we are of low income.?

Help in low income false teeth replacement, or repair. in illinois chicago. real help or even paying on time.

I am tring to find help, assistant with dentist work for my mother parcel (false teeth) we are of low income.?
Contact your local or state dental association and and see if there are any dentists who provide free or reduced cost care for low-income, disabled or senior patients.

Call your local health department and ask about health centers that provide dental care for free or on a sliding scale.

Your local United Way may also be aware of such a clinic. In some areas, you can reach them now by dialing 2-1-1 for %26quot;non-emergency information.%26quot;

Go to a dental school, if there is one near you, for reduced costs.

If you are a senior citizen, call your local Area Agency on Aging or Office on Aging. If you can not find a listing in your local phone book on the %26quot;County Government%26quot; pages (usually marked with blue borders), call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 to find how to contact the Area Agency on Aging serving you.

Check to see if low-cost or free dental services are available near you.

Check and choose %26quot;Find a Health Center%26quot; to see if there is a low-cost clinic near you.

Check to see if your state has a %26quot;Donated Dental Services%26quot; program. D.D.S. is designed to locate dentists who will give free care to patients who are financially compromised due to medical problems. This is a process that will take a couple of months to get your information and then arrange for someone to see you. Not all states have D.D.S. programs.

If worse comes to worse, check out and see if you can find a funding source.
Reply:Good luck. I just noticed that you said, %26quot;or repair.%26quot; This might cost a lot less than you think, if the partial is otherwise still useable. Report It

Reply:start saving.
Reply:Some of this work might be covered by medicaid or medicare, check to find out. If not, call your local colleges that teach dentistry. Often they will do dental work at a greatly reduced price because it is done by students under the supervision of their instructor who is a licensed doctor.
Reply:try a dental laboratory

direct price cheap and efficient

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What can be done to remove stains on my false teeth?

I don%26#039;t smoke, but I add blueberies to my corn flakes every morning. And I drink strong cocoa every night.

I brush %26amp; scub my false teeth intensely, and the gumshield and roof.

I soak them in organic liquid soap everynight

But nothing works!

What can be done to remove stains on my false teeth?
try poladent, its for dentures but it works!
Reply:ummmm.... let me think.... TEETH WHITING
Reply:put them in some coke and they should clear up overnight
Reply:Hydrogen peroxide is fabulous for whitening teeth and it%26#039;s dirt cheap at about $1 a bottle. There are about a zillion household uses for peroxide. Some people even drink it for their health (but that%26#039;s something that%26#039;s in debate). I talk about it on my health blog at:

Anyway, you will probably find great luck with removing stains with H202 (hydrogen peroxide) and it%26#039;ll be antibacterial for your false teeth as well so will help with odors.



I'm 22 single mum with missing front teeth i have been on a waiting list for false teeth for a year.Can u help

I have tried a whole lot of other dental places that specialize in False teeth and they all have told me I dont need them for awhile so now I have to wait for another 6mnths before they can even look at making me some teeth.

I wont smile or laugh out loud i havent kissed a guy for about a year because of my %26quot;GUMMY%26quot; look.

I lost them due to not enough calcium after having my daughter and i feel like im going to stay ugly and single for the rest of my life if no one helps me.

Does anyone know who I can go to for help ASAP

I%26#039;m 22 single mum with missing front teeth i have been on a waiting list for false teeth for a year.Can u help
Perhaps you can look into a dental school which may have more affordable prices and also work out a payment plan.


How long does it take to make a set of false teeth?

i would like to know how long the process takes to make a set of false teeth as i am getting my teeth taken out

How long does it take to make a set of false teeth?
instantly (or as long as it takes you to find a pair that fits) if you turn up to the lost property section of the old folks home... hehehhe i%26#039;m terrible sorry.

The time frame depends on how much you can squash the appointments together.

Typically you will have 5 appointments.

1. impressions to get a model of your jaws.

2. more accurate impressions to make your dentures have a good suction.

3. Measuring your bite (where your jaws should close to) and working out where your teeth should go and choosing some teeth that match you.

4. Trying in a preview denture made of wax to make sure they fit properly and look ok.

5. Insert the denture.... sounds like you%26#039;ll need teeth taken out at some point. Some dentists will take them out at this stage. Some will take them out before they start and wait a while for your bone to heal.

So It is possible to have the first 2 in the first day, the 3rd and 4th in the 2nd day and have the denture by the 3rd if your dentist isn%26#039;t booked out and his denture technicians are quick(extremely quick, there is alot to do inbetween those appointments by the denture technician). There are ways of doing it quicker but i guess thats a starting point... It wouldn%26#039;t be unusual for the whole process to take a few weeks if you spread out the appointments to suit the times you are available and appointments are available to you. :)
Reply:I like this question! I want to know also
Reply:3-4 days.... if your dentist has a good lab...faster
Reply:There is a place here in Pawtucket Rhode Island that will give you temp the day they pull your teeth. So there may be other places that do that also.
Reply:about a couple of weeks.....Have to get the impressions and than they send them away and thats when they are made....Not to long, But they would like your mouth to behealed so you can get a good impression so the plate will fit good....Good Luck
Reply:depends on what you want the out of I could carve you a pair from wood in about an hour or 2, but if ur looking for dentures that a different storie they take days to mould the plate %26amp; grind the enamels %26amp; shape the plate
Reply:It took a week for me, then they tried it on me..before they did the final enamel coat, and add realistic stains.
Reply:it depends on which type u choose,if it is ceramic it will take 3 days
Reply:i second the above. 5 appointments is the way to go. if you want cheaper and quicker it is possible but you start compromising quality. stay away from the 1800dentures and affordable dentures. you get what you pay for!
Reply:a good quality denture with all proper precautions taken will take about 3 weeks to be made and fitted perfectly and they will last longer if you give the laboratory which does a good job......time!

quacks and cheap dentists can do it in 10 days or evcen fasster
Reply:Don%26#039;t listen to the guy about affordable dentures. They are a good place. Thats all they do all day everyday is make dentures. I went there and i am very happy with what i have. It took them about 5 hours to make them. I went in for impressions in the morning and had them that afternoon, they have a lab on site so they don%26#039;t have to go through the 3-5 day bs that dentists who don%26#039;t know what they are doing go through. Its your choice but the dentist i went to wanted to charge me about 8 grand for a set of immediate dentures and then my final set. I said thanks but no thanks. I went to affordable dentures, got the new denture wearers package and paid $1000 for both sets. They are just as good as what your going to get from a dentist.

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What does it feel like to have false teeth?

i am getting my top teeth out tuesday and i am nervous i just wanted some details about false teeth

What does it feel like to have false teeth?
I%26#039;m assuming your dentures will be put in immediately following your extractions? If thats the case...Follow the Dentists orders which will be to not remove the dentures for a certain time period ( I think with mine it was 7 days) except for cleaning. This allows your gums to heal around the dentures, so to speak. In all honesty, after a week or so you won%26#039;t even notice them. So don%26#039;t be nervous. My dentist was awesome and my dentures fit nicely, thanks to a soft liner. I do not have to use adhesive to hold them in. I can eat all the foods I could eat before and they are comfortable. As I said I dont even realize they are there. Good Luck